Roy Ronald Tumwizere - Trroy Studios

Roy Ronald Tumwizere, founder of Trroy Studios, talks about his project, which is an entertainment and creative arts hub focused on teaching and developing talent in Kampala, Uganda.

Barrington Chungulo - The Dream Factory Zambia

Listen to Barrington Chungulo as he tells about the Dream Factory Zambia, with a vision that fuels the dreams of the Zambian people to bring life and freedom to grow and empower them to live their dreams.

Joan Comfort Agazu - Strong GIRLS Foundation Uganda

With her NGO Strong GIRLS Foundation Uganda, Joan Comfort Agazu follows this vision: Girls with self esteem, ready to lead, love each other, never scared of the future, because they know God is on their side and who can be against them.

Solomon Eko - KampassKonnekt49

Solomon Eko describes his company KampassKonnekt49, an educational consulting service and an online networking platform for students and professionals aspiring to study in Germany.

Pascal Amuriat - Societal Transformation

Pascal Amuriat is a cultural and land rights promoter. In this episode, he tells us about his experience working for and with communities to foster culture and rights to land. He is a councilor in the Teso chiefdom Einos Iteso Kopiten. A platform that provides an opportunity to front Teso issues. Additionally, he is a writer of Ateker books which includes Awaragasia nu Iteso, Asapan na Iteso, Kisisiau Ateso.

Ivan Golovko - Founder of Raumly

Ivan is the founder of Raumly, a dedicated entrepreneur, and a published author. This episode features his startup Raumly, which aims to expedite the search for your next event space on hourly-basis.

Estera Mihaila - Improv Theatre Trainer

Improv is a type of theatre, in which much is performed is unplanned or unscripted. In this episode of the MableMomente Talkshow, Estera Mihaila talks about her work as a improv theatre trainer in Bonn.

Wilson Atumeyi: Waterwide

WaterWide is a non-profit organisation that tracks government spending for water, sanitation and hygiene for improved access in rural communities. In this episode of the MableMomente Talkshow, its found Wilson Atumeyi talks about his journey. You can find more information on WaterWide also on Instagram.

Peter Hogel: Wildlife Photographer

In this episode, the Swedish wildlife photographer Peter Hogel talks about how his photography journey landed him in East Africa. You can find him also on Instagram.

Epiaka Charlotte: The Chinese Mandarin Experience

Epiaka Charlotte tells us about her entrepreneurial journey as the founder of the language school project "The Chinese Mandarin Experience" in this episode.

Omagor James Gideon: The Shoes of an African Teenager

Mable talks to OJ Gideon, a young author. We talk about his recently published book "The Shoes of an African Teenager". OJ Gideon also provides a sneak peak on his second book.

Jimmy Spire Ssentongo: Spire Cartoons

In this episode, Jimmy Spire Ssentongo (PhD), editorial cartoonist with The Observer, Uganda and Philosophy lecturer, talks about his works as a cartoonist. Follow him on Facebook for more information and - of course - cartoons.

Ngonzi TheSolution Wataba: Education is not the Key

An interview with Growth Coach, Teacher, Author, Entreprenuer, Farmer and Environmentalist Ngonzi TheSolution Wataba on his new book "Education is not the Key".

William Cheptoek: Tour Guide at Discover Sipi

William Cheptoek, a site guide at Sipi Falls, Kapchorwa District, Eastern Uganda, tells us about his tours and line of work.